"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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This APC was used by the Cell in Crackdown 2.



Heavily armored (as not as much the Agency Tank), (able to withstand 7 standard Grenades at Explosives level 1). Like other armored vehicles, it withstands fire well, but hits and crashes damage it. Heavy transport used by the Volk in Crackdown then by the Cell in Crackdown 2. The APC is fairly mobile, however moves rather slowly (120mph) when compared to other Cell vehicles of similar size. Its a large, rectangular vehicle with 6 big wheels. It only appears in Hope Springs and can be found at the docks, next to the large ship in the dry dock, also right next to the Cell icon. If the Tactical location is captured, the 2 APC's will disappear. The APC also can be found a few times in the streets in Hope Springs, near the second Beacon.

List of Vehicles in Crackdown 2
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