The Agency Armored Vehicle (AAV) was released as Downloadable Content in the "Getting Busy Bonus Pack" for Crackdown


The AAV is essentially a tank.  It has extremely powerful armor that shrugs off rounds from any firearm, and can withstand several high powered explosives from a fully developed agent.  It is very wide, making it hard to navigate the city without hitting civilians and other vehicles.  It can take massive amounts of ramming and crashing damage before getting destroyed.  For a vehicle of its size, the AAV has incredible performance.  It has a top speed at around 130 mph.  Even more surprising, is the acceleration.  When stepping on the gas, there is a short delay, but once the gear kicks in it jolts and speeds from 0 to 50 mph in about 2 seconds.  From there it keeps on gaining speed rapidly until at top speed.  Its breaking and handling aren't horrible either.  The rocket launcher is similar to the MSK Lobber.  It has low damage and wild trajectory.  


The AAV has many uses.  It can be used to power through into heavily guarded areas.  It can run over any enemies on the ground, and target enemies on the rooftops with the cannon.  Ramming any vehicle at relatively high speeds will kill any people inside any vehicle.  Being a wide-set vehicle, it is difficult for other vehicles to evade the AAV.  This can also be a downside, as this will result in a large amount of collateral damage.  Even after it is destroyed, its large body can be used as cover from enemy fire.  The wheels are absolutely massive, and will kill most enemies when hit by them, much like when throwing a car.  The AAV is a good vehicle to traverse the gang-ridden streets safely without being put in too much risk. This is a massive powerhouse to deal massive damage to any who oppose it.

Stingray fattness

the Vehicle in-game

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