Agency Island, also known as The Keep, is located at the heart of Pacific City, and is where the backbone of the Agency's operation lies. It is also where the Agency Director, otherwise known as the Voice Of The Agency, dwells. This is where training, research and development, testing and technology is based for the Agency. It is also where Agents are born and their weapons developed. The most prominant feature of the island is the Agency Tower, the stronghold of the Agency.


In the first game, the island is the location of the prominant Agency Tower, a huge skyscraper consisting of three seperate towers joined together at mid-level by a donut shaped rotunda. The three towers are topped off by multiple levelled peaks. The rest of the island remains fairly undeveloped with several patches of grass with the garage located underneath the tower.

Crackdown 2Edit

The Agency Island appears again in Crackdown 2. Ten years after the events of Crackdown, the Agency Tower has been expanded with almost the entire island covered by buildings or training grounds. The underground garage has now been seemingly abandoned and the three underwater tunnels to the mainland have been either flooded by seawater or destroyed. The only way to the mainland is via a long bridge connecting the island to Hope Springs. The Agency Tower itself has been renovated significantly, being fitted with the necessary equipment in preparation for Project Sunburst, including a series of ramps that scale the exterior of the lower levels of the tower, giving the whole building a more rugged appearance from afar. The donut-shaped rotunda has now been fitted with the main beacon for Project Sunburst, making use of the central area of the building. This core structure extends the height of the tower far beyond its original height, even surpassing Hope Tower in becoming the tallest building in Pacific City as it was ten years ago.

Post-Crackdown 2Edit

After the events of Crackdown 2, it is unknown whether the equipment for Project Sunburst were removed from the building returning it to its original height, or whether it was kept there for novelty purposes.

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