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Agility is the skill that the agent uses for jump height, running speed, and swimming speed. It is considered to be one of the most essential skills, as you may need a higher jump height to obtain certain agiltiy/hidden orbs. It can be increased by collecting agility orbs from around the city, defeating bosses, killing gang members from a high altitude, and by collecting the hidden orbs.


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Some agility orbs have several smaller orbs on top of the main one. The more mini-orbs on top of the normal orb, the more the orb will increase your skill.

Crackdown 2Edit

As one's agility level increase one can jump higher and run faster. You gain 5 feet every level, and on level five, one earns the Wing Suit ability.

Jump Height

Level 1: You're able to jump around 10 feet.

Level 2: You're able to jump around 15 feet.

Level 3: You're able to jump around 20 feet.

Level 4: You're able to jump around 25 feet.

Level 5: You're able to jump around 30 feet, and use the Wing Suit.

Note: One can only use the Thrusters when you reach level 6 agility as well as level 6 on all of the other skills.

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