Barge is an ability in Crackdown 2 that can be unlocked when the Agent reaches Level 4 Strength. By holding down the "B" button, the barge attack gives the Agent a huge increase in movement speed as well as the ability to send people, cars and debris flying when they hit them.

With the barge ability, Agents can reach speeds that can rival even the Agency Supercar, and even outrun their own rocket launchers. The Agents can run so fast that they leave a trail of blue silhouette when they barge.

There are many different techniques and glitches that can further increase the normal speed of the barge attack. A glitch known as the "Warp Speed Glitch" which can be performed even without the need of unlocking level 4 strength. Doing this glitch allows any Agent, whatever their level, use the barge attack though with a bigger increase in speed (to the point that Agents can outrun the speed to which the Xbox 360 can render the game). This glitch was removed by Ruffian Games with a patch in 2010. However, there are still a number of techniques and glitches to increase the normal speed of the barge.

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