Central Point was a large skyscraper located in The Corridor, an area of Pacific City controlled by the Shai-Gen Corporation.



Central Point is located in the main square of The Corridor, directly opposite The Tower - a significantly larger building which overlooks Central Point and the square below. The building can be described as a huge, overpowering block crowned by a dome. The dome contains an office area which is the location of Colonel Axton Cowell, one of the main bosses of the Shai-Gen Corporation. Nevertheless, the building was the second tallest building in The Corridor and the third tallest building in Pacific City.

It's height places about 250-300 meters

Crackdown 2Edit

Ten years after the events of Crackdown, the entire building has been replaced by Hope Tower which is even taller than The Tower and the Agency Tower. Hope Tower appears to be fairly new as it is undamaged compared to many neighbouring buildings which have been partially destroyed, including The Tower which is now in ruins.

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