The Tower, as it appears during the events of Crackdown

The Tower (also known as Corridor Tower) is a large skyscraper located in The Corridor, an area of Pacific City ruled over by the Shai-Gen criminal gang.


The Tower is the location of and presumably owned by Zuang Lun Wang. The skyscraper is located in the main square of The Corridor, directly across the square from Central Point. It is the second tallest building in the city behind Agency Tower.

It's height places about 350-400 meters

Crackdown 2
Picture 38

The Tower, as it appears during the events of Crackdown 2. The crown of the tower can be seen in front of the tower in the square below.


In Crackdown 2, the tower has been substantially reduced in height due to the crown having fallen off the tower and landing in the square below. A shadow of it's former glory, only part of the Zen Garden survives and there are also a few Agility Orbs on the details that remain. The building is no longer opposite Central Point due to Central Point being replaced by a much taller building that is even taller than the Agency Tower during the first half of the game.

It is also interesting to note that when viewing the building from a distance, the entire roof appears to be a raging inferno. But when you get closer and even stand on the roof garden, there is no evidence of a fire.


  • The skyscraper may have been influenced by the Jin Mao Tower in China due to the similarity of the design and colour of the structure.
  • Wang lives in a lavish penthouse furnished in a Japanese-style on the top floor. On the roof is a Zen Garden which appears to be heavily influenced from the traditional Zen gardens found in many Asian cultures.
  • In Crackdown 2, the building appears to be heavily damaged with the luxury penthouse at the top of the tower being destroyed and the iconic crown having fallen from the top of the building and landing in the square below. It is unknown as to how this happened although it could have been simply due to the lack of maintainance or even a terrorist attack by The Cell.
  • If one counts the amount of the floors on the building, they will find that the building is around 60 floors during the first game.
  • There's a platform with explosive wooden boxes.It's possibly grenades or rockets stored for shai-gen.
  • In Crackdown 2 the entrance to the tower is open but the lower entrance that says 'the tower' has been edited onto the other entrance.

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