Van 2

The Delivery Van 2 is a Vehicle driven by the Civilians of Pacific City in Crackdown 2.


Like the rest of the Vehicles in Crackdown 2, except for Agency Vehicles, the Delivery Van 2 is rusty and in poor condition. It is bigger and bulkier than its "twin", the Delivery Van 1. The van is based on a Dodge van.


This Vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 134 mph, with poor acceleration and like other civilian vehicles, is extremely weak and can be destroyed very easily.

Where to find oneEdit

The Delivery Van 2 can be found in every District of Pacific City during the day, driven by Civilians.


There is a glitch in which the van cannot be stored. The Chopper will get to the van but it will rise without the vehicle, and not store it. This can be solved by putting the van in a plane place.

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