An Agent watching over the Den

The Den is one of Pacific City's three districts. In Crackdown, the Den is controlled by the Volk gang. The Den is later renamed "Hope Springs".

Gang HideoutsEdit

Puregy RefineryEdit

This is where Sergei "Sovetnik" Yuriev can be found.

City CoachesEdit

This is where Igor "Rafik" Biragov can be found.


This is where Natalya "White Fox" Gryzunova can be found.

Black MarketEdit

When Natalya "White Fox" Gryzunova is not at the observatory, she can be found here.


This is where Boris "Baron" Mikhailov can be found.

Camp JohnsonEdit

This is where Viktor "Curse" Rabotnikov can be found.

Mason's QuarryEdit

This is where Olga "Meat" Romanova can be found.

Exetron Oil RigEdit

This is where Vladimir "The Wolf" Golyak can be found.

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