"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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Freak Breaches appear as freaks attempt to escape from the destroyed lairs to the surface so they can attempt to get to safer hideouts. They are required for 2 achievements, one is for closing a single freak breach, the other is for closing all freak breaches in the game, freak breaches do not contain titans, which is a relief, but if there are leaper mutants you will have a time chasing them across the rooftops as they attempt to escape & survive what you did to their hive


  • Waiting until the player has a 5 star agility and using a helicopter with rockets the player can easily take each freak breach in under 2 minutes each taking very little damage. This stops long firefights while still gaining massive amounts of skill points quickly for firearms or explosives.
  • Also using the ground pound ability repeatedly is a good tactic when trying the clear out large groups of Freaks that are huddled together.
  • Repeatedly throwing mines i.e Limpet Charges, Quackers etc, will clean out most of the mutants, leaving you to destroy the survivors.

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