"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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Freak Lairs are where Freaks hide during the day. They are normally underground and can even be right under active public locations, such as Unity Hights Square.


All Freak Lairs will naturally be swarming with Freaks. They will also have lots of leftover ordinance. A typical lair will be deep in a hole or other type of structure to keep out UV light and protect the Freaks inside.


Once all three Absorption Units in one area are active, the Agency Director will tell the player that a Beacon is ready to be deployed. Travel to the location and jump into the hole. once at the bottom, call in the helicopter. The helicopter will arrive shortly and drop the beacon. The beacon will take a short time to charge (give or take 1 1/2-2 minutes.) During that time, the freaks will attempt to destroy it. Fend them off long enough, and the Beacon will detonate, freeing the lair of Freaks and reducing their activity in the surroundings. Also, when a Beacon detonates, later the Freaks will still remain in the lair. Then, the Beacon will charge and detonate again, but you will not have to protect the Beacon, and the Freaks will not attack it.

List of LairsEdit

  • Spotiz Sports Complex
  • Unity Heights Square
  • Power Station
  • Weapons Factory
  • Mason's Quarry
  • Research Ruins
  • Security Ruins
  • Comms Center
  • The Radio Station

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