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Freak Watcher audio logs detail a scientist (referred to as either crazy, or the bravest man in Pacific City by the Voice of the Agency) as he observes the evolution of the Freak species. He starts out chronicling the most basic of lifeforms, eventually moving up to advanced evolutions such as Screamers and Pounders. This information gives a bit of background on the Freaks, and can be used to better assess threats. His files are typically located very near to Freak breaches and Freak lairs.

He also talks about a Goliath coming into the city and throwing cars, trees and other things like toys while Goliaths ONLY show up in Freak lairs. It is unknown what happened to that Goliath.


When you find the last audio log for the Freak Watcher, you find out that he thought the Freaks still had human emotions. He finds a Rambler, gets closer to it and says hello. The Rambler tears him apart and kills him.

List Of Audio LogsEdit


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