Funland is a location in Crackdown and Crackdown 2.

It is found in southern Green Bay, and it represents Pacific City's fairgrounds. Inside there are many food/drink stalls, a large slide, and a ferris wheel. It is also the location where Los Muertos hold their gang riots once you defeat all of the gang's generals and kingpin.

There are alot of Agility Orbs found here in Crackdown, thus making it an excellent starting point for low level agents wanting to give their agility level a nice boost.

In Crackdown 2, Funland is slightly ruined, with the ferris wheel missing large segments and the clown sign is partially destroyed. There is a Tactical Location here, and once captured there will be 3 Quacker grenades in the Chuck's ducks 2 stall. It is the only place in Pacific City where you can acquire Quackers, until you take them to a captured Tactical location.

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