Warning - Contains spoilers for the first Crackdown. Read at your own risk.

Generals are a feature of Crackdown that are in charge of various specific roles in their gangs, ansewing mainly to their kingpin. There are six to each gang. These generals are:

Los Muertos

  • Juan "El Numero" Martinez - located at Hillside Housing, Juan takes charge over Los Muertos' finances and helps to supply it, along with intelligence.
  • Jose "Tremendo" Guerra - located at Guerra's Nightclub, Jose is in charge of Los Muertos' drug operation, providing financial backbone.
  • Rafael "Chuco" Diaz - located at the Easy Riders Garage, Rafael designs, creates, tests and produces veicles for the gang.
  • Rodrigo "Montana" Alvarez - located at the Sportiz Sports Complex, he provides intense physical training for all Los Muertos.
  • Ramon "Pistola" Gonzalez - located at the Lighthouse, Ramon's obsession with weapons has earnt him the role of creator and supplier of Los Muertos' weapons.
  • Violetta "Santa Maria" Sanchez - located at El Castillo Apartments, Violetta is in charge of the recruitment of new street thugs.


Sergei "Sovetnik" Yuriev - located at the Puregy Refinery, Sergei is in charge of the Volk's financial backbone.

  • Igor "Rafik" Biragov - located at the City Coaches, Igor is in charge of the Volk's vehicle operations. He uses business techniques to buy and sell them to end up with advanced military vehicles.
  • Natalya "White Fox" Gryzunova - located at the Observatory or the Black Market, Natalya is the physical trainer of the Volk. Agency intel suggests that she used to be a freelance thug before joining with the Volk since it shows her fighting with kingpin-to-be, Vladimir "The Wolf" Golyak.
  • Boris "Baron" Mikhailov - located at the Docks, Boris is in charge of transporting illegal immigrants into Pacific City. Viktor "Curse" Rabotnikov - located at Camp Johnson, Viktor is the weapons development, manufacurer and trader for the Volk.
  • Olga "Meat" Romanova - located at at Mason's Quarry, Olga was once a prestegious olympic medalist but has now turned . She is the explosives expert and supplier for the Volk.


  • Thadeous Oakley - located at the Exhibition Center, Thadeous is in charge of propoganda and public relations for the Shai-Gen.
  • Dr. Balthazar Czernenko - located at the Institute of Research, disgraced scientist Dr.Czernenko is the controversial research and development director for the Shai-Gen. It was he who's ongoing work gave birth to agents. His main research in the time of the game seems to be creating biological enhancements for the Shai-Gen, with disgusting results, thus generating a healthy supply of Freaks.
  • Melissa Fang-Yin - located at the Knowledge Bank, she is in charge of the Shai-Gen intelligence operation.
  • Vitaly Rzeznik - located at Insight Counter Services, Vitaly is the security director for the Shai-Gen. He only trusts himself, and Melissa Fang-Yin.
  • Colonel Axton Cowell - located at Central Point, Colonel Axton is the defense director of the Shai-Gen.
  • Mrs. Timbol - located at Human Reality Incorporated, Ms. Timbol is responsible for the crecruinment and intense trianing of the Shai-Gen. Any regects are used as target practice for those that make the grade.

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