A Goliath trying to destroy a beacon

"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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A Goliath Freak is the most evolved version of the Freaks, being 4-5 times the size of the Pounder Freaks and with several times the health and brute strength. It has the most health out of any enemy to in both Crackdown and Crackdown 2.They can only be found in freak lairs numbers 6,7,8, and 9.

In the game mode  Keys to the City, it is the only type of Freaks that cannot spawn with the special menu.


Goliaths appear in Freak Lairs if the player has a high strength level. Their primary behavior is to rush towards and begin beating on the nearest Beacon, depending on how high the agent's levels as many as 2 to 6 Goliaths can appear during the course of the beacon's charging phase. Goliaths never go out into the city. They only stay in the Freak Lairs. The Goliaths are gargantuan, approxomately twenty to thirty feet tall, giving them an uncany resemblance to oversized Pounders. They also look as if they have no eyes, just one mouth. Their presense can be easily noticed by the pounding of massive steps and bestial roars. Also, when a Goliath appears, a huge red circle will appear in the tracker. In one freak lair, a goliath will run in circles around the  beacon, chucking rocks at it.


Goliaths possess phenomenal strength, enough to kill even the most skilled and physically powerful Agent (even a level 6 maxed out agent will have trouble going toe to toe with the Goliath), therefore multiple Agents focusing on one Goliath is a sound tactic. Goliath freaks are mostly found in Freak lairs. UV weapons, usually extremely effective against Freaks, do little damage to Goliaths. Explosive weapons such the Homing launcher and Quacker are recommended. In certain Freak lairs there will even be Turret rocket launchers which can be used to take on Goliaths.

If you do not have any agents nearby, the simplest tactic is to equip Cluster grenades, a Flocket launcher, and a Machine gun, target the behemoth, and shoot it until it is dead. Or fly in a helicopter (perferably with rockets) to take the biggies down. The Goliath is the strongest freak.

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