"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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Hit Squads are made up of highly trained soldiers specifically chosen to take you down. Kill enough gang members and a hit squad will be issued at your most recent location. Their weapons and accuracy are much greater than a normal gang squad, so be prepared to get your hands filled should you choose to fight them.


On Crackdown hit squads are sent after the meter of the gang (including Peacekeepers) in question is completely full. When full, the gang will stop at nothing to kill you. During this time, it is recommended to seek cover until the Hit Squad is gone. A way to cause a hit squad to appear is killing a notable gang leader.

Crackdown 2Edit

On Crackdown 2 there is no meter. The only way to tell them apart is the Cell symbol over their heads. This can cause confusion as the symbol can become hard to see due to the red health bar that appears when targeting someone. Because of this players have died without knowing that the hit squad was there in the first place. Also Peacekeepers still obtain the hit squad ability, so its best to be very careful while driving around in Pacific city as killing too many Peacekeepers will cause them to become hit squads. Peacekeeper hit squads will eventually begin using tanks.

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