"Those Peacekeepers need assistance, agent!"
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The MZ360 "Mini-Gun" is a fast-firing Agency weapon. The Spin Up may take some time before it finally shoots at full speed but the devastation is incredible. It comes with a large supply of ammunition. This weapon may not be of favorable use to you Agent, as you can only use this weapon after purchasing the "Getting Busy" Bonus Pack. Even after fulfilling this objective, the amount of time that this does take to spin up, alongside the difficulty of immediately firing at a new target makes this weapon of little use to you.

List of Weapons in Crackdown
Agency Weapons Colby "Master" · Colby EAR50 · Colby "Limpet Charge" · MSK Lobber · HRX "Harpoon" · MZ360 "Mini-Gun" · EX1 "Proximity Charge" · VS1 "Cloaking Device"
Gang Weapons Kokov "Diktat" · Smithers "Punisher" · Dempsey SO-6 "Stub" · Dempsey 190 "Equalizer" · Harman MP-50 · Ingalls X80 SMG · Ingalls MG-60 · Harlington HMG-90 · Bastion S600 "Long Eye" · Bastion SX900 "Longshot" · Watson HE79 "Grenadier" · Watson HE99 "Hothead" · Watson HE99-X "Firefly" · Grenade · Shrapnel Grenade · Cluster Grenade

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