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The Machine Gun is an Agency weapon in Crackdown 2. It has medium accuracy, damage, and fire rate. Carries 120 rounds in a box magazine with a maximum of six more in reserve (720 rounds total)

This weapon can be unlocked at Firearms level 3


With a impressive rate of fire and damage, the Machine Gun excels in mid-range combat with Agents expelling more lead than an a Assault Rifle. The Machine Gun is great when you have a lot of enemies to clear out or to gun down a paticularly tough foe. Be mindful that the weapon isn't so great at taking down foes from afar but do expect to whip it out when the situation requires a weapon for an area-defiance job.

The Machine Gun is also great against a Goliath. With focal fire, Agents can mow down a Goliath in round about 2-3 clips. However, it is not such a great weapon as it is more ideal to be used as a backup. A turret Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher should do the job more efficiently.

Machine Gun

The Machine Gun in the select menu.

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