The Mag in the select menu.

The Mag is a grenade that attaches to any surface. A Mag is detonated by holding "RB". Although the damage and blast area is the weakest and smallest of all explosives in Crackdown 2.

Mag grenades will emit a beam that will connects to the next thrown Mag. The beams chain from one Mag to the next. Generally it appears that a placed Mag will try to connect with the next nearest Mag, although this is not always the case. Mag grenade from one player will not connect to Mag grenades placed by another player.

They are highly useful for creating anchors or leashes for objects. Mags can be used to entrap and immobilize enemies and vehicles in place, and are even strong enough to strung them up.

Despite being repeatedly used in trailers to show off the game, its actual usage in game for objectives is very limited, and is more suited to be used for glitches, exploits or entertainment amongst players. You can plant many Mags into walls and into a vehicle to cause it to be suspended in mid-air, which is very useful to reach great heights.

One example of a use of these is to throw one Mag on a wall, the next on to a movable object, the third onto an opposing wall. Then throw the object in the middle, which will act as a rubber band.

Note: If The Toy Box DLC is downloaded (either the free or premium version), Mags will be able to attach to characters.

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