Mason's Quarry is a location in Crackdown and Crackdown 2.

The area consist of a large dirt area whith multiple tiers of ledges and many caves.


During the events of Crackdown the quarry is controlled by the Volk who use it to store and distribute explosives. During their occupation the area is littered with missiles and military transports. The Volk here highly favor explosives and often cause rocks and boulders to shake loose from the walls of the quarry.

During the events of Crackdown 2 the quarry is abandoned. The layout of the quarry hasn't changed much during this period, the major difference is the Freaks have moved into a massive cave chamber and have made it their lair. By nightfall the quarry is crawling with a sea of freaks roaming around. This is the only location in Hope Springs where Reapers make their home.

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