An Agency Peacekeeper from Crackdown.

Peacekeepers are Pacific City's law enforcement working for the Agency and The Agency Director. They fight alongside the superhuman Agents.

Vehicles Edit


Peacekeepers wear light body armor in the standard blue Agency colors. Their weaponry consists of standard-issue Agency pistols and assault rifles, but these weapons are far less effective than in the hands of the Agents. Some of the Peacekeepers also carry very powerful sniper rifles.

Peacekeepers can be found all over Pacific City, either patrolling or fighting off gang members, guarding The Keep (Agency Tower), or guarding captured gang hideouts.

Ss preview Peacekeeper grab.jpg

A Peacekeeper in Crackdown 2.

Crackdown 2Edit

The Peacekeepers are now much better equipped than in Crackdown. This is probably a response to the threat of the Freaks and the terrorist organization known as The Cell. They wear heavier body armour, now in khaki colours instead of the blue colours as seen in Crackdown and carry upgraded standard-issue Agency Assault Rifles. Peacekeepers can also be found mounting gun turrets located in captured strongholds.

When the Agent captures enemy strongholds, Helicopter squads arrive to secure them. The Helicopter squads wear black, heavy armour that's even stronger than regular Peacekeepers. Sometimes, a lone cruiser can siren their way in to a Agent-started firefight as back up.

Peacekeepers can be all over Pacific City, either patrolling or fighting off Cell members or Freaks, guarding Agency Tower, captured Cell strongholds, activated Absorption Units, driving around in Buggies, Cruisers and Tanks or simply on rooftops to watch over the streets below with Sniper Rifles. Some are even seen patrolling the skies in armed helicopters to engage from the air.

Peacekeepers are semi-friendly. If an Agent has been marked Rogue then they will return fire at them, respond in Tanks and buggy's, or having helicopters turn against them, proving a greater threat than Cell due to their increased firepower. However, they don't stand much of a chance (individually) against their superhuman counterparts.

Peacekeeper mostly carry assault rifles, but they can also carry snipers.

There seems to be another type, called the Drop Trooper in Keys to the City. Drop Troopers wear all blue armor, whereas the others wear blue and white. Drop Troopers have the same armament as the normal Peacekeepers. Drop Troopers are only seen after capturing cell strongholds, where helicopters deploy 4 drop troopers per chopper .