The Portable Launch Pad is an equipment item available in Crackdown 2 through the Toy Box DLC pack.


Portable Launch Pads are tools for Agents who just don't have the ability to scale heights to where they want. By throwing the first pad to their wished destination before setting the other by their feet, Agents can launch themselves over obstacles, to get to their desired destination. This weapon seems to be the same as those found in Freak lairs.

Humourously, Launch Pads can also send vehicles flying, this is useful for Agents who want to divert Civillian and Peacekeepers away from major firefights which might involve them getting injured. Vehicles land safely and can scurry off as though they heard gunfire. They may also be used as a defensive major, sending Freaks and Cell away from the area.

Once finished, Agents can then detonate them, killing or injuring anyone within radius.

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