Proximity Mine

The Proximity Mine in the select menu.

The Proximity Mine is a grenade found in Crackdown 2. Given to Explosive Level 3 Agents.


Proximity Mines are for Agents who need something to cover their escape or to set up ambushes for their enemies. Proximity Mines are thrown like grenades, but they stick to any surface, projecting their detection range upon arming and emit a loud and a recognizable sound, giving a warning of their presence, unlike the non-Agent residents who aimlessly drive into their range.

Mines explode discriminitely when Cell or Freaks career into range, causing injuries or mortal wounds. Due to their IFF systems, Peacekeepers, civillians and other Agents can pass them unscathed, unless a Cell soldier or Freak is close to them. Because of this, the mines are useless when there are no enemies in sight, although you can shoot them to make them explode.

Mines also detonate, even in mid-flight, and thus can punish any foolish agent who thinks they're more like toys than tools.

Another neat trick is that mines can float in mid air by pressing the RB again. Providing an excellent area-defiance for pursuers to worry.


The Mines are commonly used as one of the weapons in the Vehicles present in The Toy Box DLC, the Squad Chopper deploying them in Flocket Launcher styled projectiles and the ATV's deploying them in the rear as a defense against pursuers, note that these cannot deploy mid-air.

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