Med CD2 May 09

Agent fighting a group of ramblers

are the most basic form of Freak in Crackdown 2. They are the first stage of the Freak Virus. Individually, they are weak opponents, but often use swarm tactics to overwhelm enemies.


Ramblers appear right at the beginning of the game, all the way to the end. At night they flood the streets of the city in huge numbers. They often appear to be almost human with a few variaitons due to gender, height, race ect but with discoloured skin, bony and muscular growths, hair loss and yellowed eyes.

Even though they only appear at night or in Freak breaches and lairs they are the most common enemy in the game.


Ramblers are very weak when alone or when in small numbers, and present little threat. Individually they can be dispatched by virtually any means. Although like all freaks, they have a slight resistance to conventional firearms, but this is only a problem for Agents who have a low level in firearms. However, they often swarm in large numbers, and can overwhelm careless players. UV weapons will cut a swathe through them, resulting in instant kills. Agents with good explosive skills can also easily use grenades and rockets to kill large groups. High strength agents can also chain melee attacks together, which is also a good way of combating large groups.

Activating beacons and closing a Freak breach will cut down their numbers in the area of said Beacon or Freak breach, but some will still appear regardless.

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