An Agent going head to head with a Scrounger.

''Scroungers are a type of freak in Crackdown 2.

Scroungers are very similar to Ramblers and are a similar and basic version of the Freak virus. They are, however, slightly more mutated and less human with less clothing (mostly dressed in scraps) and darker skin. Most have warped limbs with hands fused into crab like claws or bony growths. They are however no stronger than ramblers and the only real difference is in appearance. Like Ramblers they appear from the beginning of the game in the streets at night and will attack any uninfected creature.

Like other Freaks they are very weak individually even for a low level agent but can quickly form a swarm which will over power you if you aren't careful. Like all Freaks their combination of a lack of pain and extra muscle growth means they are slighly resistant to regular firearms, but any weapon unlocked above level 1 should easily deal with them. UV weapons and explosives can easily kill them.

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