The semi truck is aVehicle in Crackdown.

Specs Edit

note: does not apply to agency truck

The semi truck is a large, powerful truck cab.  It has bad handleing, expected for something of its size, but has surprisingly decent acceleration and top speed.  It is a good vehicle for ramming and can survive numerous heavy crashes.  It is, however, very vulnerable to gunfire and explosives, which can destroy it easily as it is a very slow and large target.


There are several varieties of the semi truck.


  • The civilian semi truck is a flat fronted truck cab driven by civilians.
  •  it can be seen rarely throughout Pacific City

Los Muertos

  • This version of the semi truck is used exclusively by los muertos gang members.
  • it can be found in the parking lot of the sportiz complex, and in the car arena in northern Green Bay
  • the tow truck is the same as this model with the towing mechanism on the back


  • the shai-gen version of the semi truck is driven by shai-gen gang members in Unity Heights
  • it is very tall and easily spotted from a distance 
  • one can be found in front of the garage of the defense building in the corridor main square next to a shai-gen SUV


The semi truck can be used to power your way into a heavily guarded area, but don't expect to be able to leave in one piece.  The truck will be able to crash through any movable roadblocks or vehicles, but once it's under fire, it will quickly be destroyed.  It also is able to ram into vehicles and kill the people inside, but only at high speed.

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