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Skills are the five core abilities that the Agent uses and trains throughout Crackdown and Crackdown 2. Skills can be tracked through the Agent's HUD system on the left side of the screen.


In Crackdown, each Skill can be leveled to 4-stars and then maxed to a 5th star, although the 5th star grants the Agent no new abilities.

In Crackdown 2, each Skill can be leveled to 5-ranks and then maxed to a 6th rank. If The Toy Box DLC has been downloaded, then the Agent will unlock the Thruster Ability if all Skills are maxed out.


  • Agility - Agility is increased by collecting green orbs found dotted all over Pacific City, there are 500 in total. Agility can also be increased by a small amount by killing gang members from a great height and completing rooftop races.
  • Strength - Strength is increased by killing gang members, by melee attacking them or killing them with thrown objects i.e. Barrels, Trucks, Dumpsters.
  • Driving - Driving is increased by performing stunts, driving through stunt markers, completing street races or killing gang members by running them over.
  • Explosives - Explosives is increased by killing gang members with grenades or rocket launchers.
  • Firearms - Firearms is increased by killing gang members with any form of gun.

All skills are increased by a small amount from finding Hidden Orbs, there are 300 in total, dotted around Pacific City.

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