CD2 Squad Chopper

The Squad Chopper

The Agency Squad Chopper is a Crackdown 2 vehicle available only through the Toy Box DLC pack.


The Squad Chopper serves as a heavy-duty version of the standard Agency Helicopter, and is designed to transport four agents. The Squad Chopper is equipped with four weapons systems: three Turret Machine Guns (one nose mounted for the pilot and two ventral mounted for the left gunner seat) , one Turret Rocket Launcher for the right gunner seat, and one Proximity Mine launcher under the rear gunner seat.


Unlike the Helicopter, the Squad Chopper can actually be deployed at Agency Landing Zones at any time.


Due to its heavy armament and thick armor (able to shrug off two direct rocket launcher hits from a fully evolved Agent), the Squad Attack Chopper is both durable and excells at ground attacks, however slow top speed (71 Airspeed, roughly equivalent to the Agency Buggy's 194 Ground Speed) and maneuverability leave it open to rocket, grenade and homing launcher attacks when operating at low altitudes. It is recommended that the Squad Chopper be used mainly in co-op with at least one other player; a solo player will only be able to use the single nose machine gun while piloting, and so the other three weapons are wasted.


  • Unlike the other weapons and vehicles in the game, the SQUAD CHOPPER's name is in all caps (Note that SUV and ATV are acronyms).
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