The Supercar is an Agency vehicle in Crackdown 2, and is unlocked when the player's driving skill reaches level three.


The Supercar is very fast, which can make it extremely useful when chasing down vehicle renegade orbs, or when the player wants to up their driving abilities by running over swarms of Freaks. Its special ability is being able to scoop up all vehicles up from the road, no matter what the size or Faction. It has no weapons with which to attack. Also, while its not as armored as other vehicles, it can take quite a beating before it becomes unusable.

Agency Director described that the Supercar as "faster than the speeding bullet" making it the fastest vehicle in the game.

Changes From CrackdownEdit

It is different from the original Agency Supercar from Crackdown. It loses the twin chain-guns featured in it's final evolution in Crackdown, and indeed the ability to evolve as the player does, but retains the ability to scoop underneath other vehicles and send them flying

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