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A Tactical Assault is a particular objective in Crackdown 2.

Players are requried to venture into one of 27 Tactical Locations held by Cell forces, and eliminate all resistance, so as to have the location occupied by PeaceKeepers.

Once captured the location will become a friendly Agency supply point where the player can resupply or change weapons, or request a vehicle to be air lifted in.

Players will need to stand over the red "C" icon, and press "BACK" to then begin the assault. A red bar will appear at the top right of the screen to indicate how many Cell forces are remaing - this will deplete the more Cell forces are killed. Cell forces will spwan in waves from nearby doors and stairwells.

Note: There are relevant Cell forces of which their deaths, will contribute the capture and ther are Cell forces that are not relevant. Relevant Cell forces are identified by a red "C" over their heads.

At the point of capture, a number of Agency helicopters will drop off squads of PeaceKeepers to secure the location.


The diffiuclty in capturing each site varies. Some site have more spawning areas for Cell than others, whilst some may make used of fixed turrets.

You must have at least one agent in the immediate vacinity of the Tactical Location icon (approximately 30-40 in-game metres), during the Tactical Assault. Staying out of the acceptable area for too long will fail the objective, and you will have to restart with Cell forces back at full health.

A good strategy for single player, is to scout for a nearby building top that would be close enough not to fail, but defendable from incoming Cell attacks. Then activate the Tactical Assault, climb to your scouted position, and eliminate Cell at a safe distance by using long range weapons and explosives.

In co-op there are more options. Whilst at least one player must remain in the vicinity of the Tactical Locations, another player could provide fire support from a helicopter at distance. Also another player can provide further fire from another rooftop or provide close quarters assistance. Use of ground vehicles during tactical assualts is mostly a bad idea, as due to the sheer number of Cell spawning and their elevated positions - the player will be an easy target.

These tactics become more important for harder diffculties such as Psychotic and Sadistic, and lower level agents.

It is important to bear in mind that the PeaceKeeper helicopters can be shotdown by Cell forces, and this would still fail the objective even though you had cleared the area.

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