The Tank

The Tank is the most durable vehicle in Crackdown 2, able to withstand a Quacker at Explosives level 5. It is unlocked at driving skill level 5. It is one of the toughest vehicles available.


For the demanding of battles requires a resilient vehicle and what's no better than to bring a Tank to any invasion.

Featuring the toughest of vehicle armor, the Agency has to offer; It is easily able to withstand as much damage as the mounted triple barreled, rocket launcher can dish out. The cannons fires three consecutive rockets that can cause massive explosions. However, these are not ordinary rockets, they are also somehow encased with energy akin to that of energy-based weaponry.

The Tank is indeed very powerful, smashing anything in its way at top speed and blasting Cell resistance to smithereens.

Given to its mighty armor and weapon systems, it is not easily the quickest of vehicles nor does it turn just as sharp. It is also a mammoth of a vehicle where missing would be just a myth but supported by allies, it can might as well be the driving force to put down cell strongholds.

Tanks are available to Agents with Driving Level 5 or piloted by Peacekeepers hunting for rogue agents as a last, last, resort.

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