The Thrusters are an equipment item available in Crackdown 2 through The Toy Box DLC. Thruste
Crackdown 2 - Wing-a-Ding-Dong Achievement Guide (HD)01:24

Crackdown 2 - Wing-a-Ding-Dong Achievement Guide (HD)

Thrusters used to get the Wing a Ding Dong achievement

rs equip the Agent with jet boots which the player can use to boost vertically through the air for a period of about five seconds. While using the Thrusters, the player can control the direction of movement and slow down jumps from great heights.

Unlike other "Explosives" that can be selected in the weapon loadout menu, Thrusters can only be activated by double-tapping and holding the "A" button. Thrusters have limited fuel, but this fuel regenerates when the Thrusters are not in use.

Greater heights and distances can be obtained if the thrusters are pulsed rather than used constantly. Doing so largely trivializes travel throughout the city, making it possible for a fresh agent to get nearly anywhere without bothering to level up his agility skill and allowing many normal and renegade orbs to be much more easily collected.

Thrusters also largely cause the wing suit to be much less valuable. The thrusters are much more controlable over short and medium distances and make veritcle climbs much easier. With thrusters equiped, the only time a wing suit would be helpful is when traveling over exceptionally large distances or trying to reach very high altitudes well above the tops of buildings.

Despite not actually being an offensive item, some damage can be dealt with the thrusters. First, the flame jets from the Thrusters can ignite enemies, however, the burn damage from this is actually quite low providing little reason to bother. Second, when the thrusters are activated at a full charge (40 in the grenade ammo section of the HUD), they produce a small UV explosion around the player. This explosion does very little damage against uninfected humans, but will hurt or kill Freaks, but given the small size of the explosion is little more than a close range defensive attack. Any kills will result in explosive expierence orbs. Because of the damage it can do, care must be taken if the thrusters are used around explosive objects such as fuel barrels, as they may set off an explosion, possibly killing the agent. Although the thrusters are not explosives, the game classifies them in the grenades category.

The Thrusters are not to be confused with the similar Thruster Ability.

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