Turret Flack

The Turret Flack in the select menu.

The Flack Turret Gun is a  weapon variant found in Crackdown 2


The Turret flack is a very powerful weapon in Cell's Arsenal, typically, it's a shell launching cousin of the Turret rocket launcher. Unlike it's Rocket launching and Bullet spewing brothers, the Flack actually fires shells into the air before descending onto targets, easily nullifying roofless cover, similar to a mortar.

Flacks are little in numbers, mounted in turret emplacements in a select anti-freak gates. This weapon unlocks at level 4 Explosives. Agents possessing such a weapon can fire arcing shots down upon hordes of enemies, mainly Freaks.

Despite the name, most flack projectiles explode mid-air whilst this weapon dosen't. Meaning it was meant to be designed to be a area-of-effect AA weapon but being more of a really powerful mortar.


This weapon has exactly the same sound as the Flocket Launcher.

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