Turret Rocket Launcher

The Turret Rocket Launcher in the select menu.

The Turret rocket launcher is a weapon found in Crackdown 2.


This weapon is in-fact similar to all stats with its portable relative. This weapon fires high-speed rockets with a slightly higher damage output with a expanded area of effect.

Found in heavily defended areas and manned by armored gunners, Turret rocket launchers are Cell's answer to the tough Agents and their armored vehicle assistance when fending them off their territory.

Turret Rocket Launchers are also typically mounted on cars when Agents deal a lot of damage against Cell as a more furious answer and on turret flat beds.

Two are also mounted on the Agency Helicopter and firing in sync with each other can cause Agents to continously bombard areas with a endless stream of unguided rockets but however when these weapons are used from the ground, care must be taken to avoid them as they are the main answer to aircraft and vehicles.

ATV's also use them as their main weapon too and the Squad Chopper has one mounted as a left-seat gunner position and can be aimed indepenently from free-look.

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