UV Grenades are grenades but heavily modified to use the effective UV Technology devised by the Agency.

UV Grenade

The UV Grenade in the select menu.

Gameplay Edit

UV Grenades are available to Agents who have reached level 2 Explosives. Akin to their nature, UV grenades are very effective at clearing out hordes of Freaks, especially when planting Beacons or neutralising Freak breaches.

They detonate by emitting a massive blast of UV radiation that will send any freaks flying into the air to burn up. Only the tougher freaks, such as the Freak Agents, will require more than one grenade to kill them.

The grenade also works on humans but they would only end up being tossed into the air with some serious afterburn and still get up nearly unscathed. Ideal for spreading cell forces thin for easier mop-up

Trivia Edit

  • The UV Grenade actually uses a modified Shrapnel Grenade model but it uses three blue lights to indicate its distinction. (as shown in the image)


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