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The Ultra Shotgun is a type of Shotgun, which is unlocked at level 3 Firearms, with slower rate of fire and significantly greater damage then the starting Shotgun.

The Ultra shotgun (as do all the shotguns) excede at close range combat thus making it a good weapon for taking on numerous freaks in one go, though not as good as the UV Shotgun it is still a force to be reckoned with,
but be wary of the rate of fire, it fires high powered shells but lacks the rate of fire of the orignal shotgun but the reload speed and high damage output more than compensate for this.

it is advisible to keep a mid range weapon such as the SMG or the Assault Rifle (or their respectible upgrades) as a back-up weapon due to the weapons lack of range.

Ultra Shotgun

The Ultra Shotgun in the select menu.

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